About Us

Mission Statements

We strive to build a tightly-knit community amongst international students and serve as a bridge between domestic students and international students to learn about diverse cultures and/or adjust to US/on-campus life. Additionally, we provide international students with a safe space to share their ideas, concerns, passions, questions, and more.

What is ISO?

With a growing international students population, ISO (International Students Organization) is becoming more and more active on campus. I joined ISO when I first came to Oxy and became a E-board member in my sophomore year. To me ISO is like a family where people accept and understand where I come from and what I have been through coming to college in another country. As an international student, my cultural and educational experiences are pretty different from most of my friends in the U.S. But in ISO, it’s easier to find students who have had similar experiences. It’s a community which provides a safe space for international students to voice their concerns, struggles, and successes.

The presence of ISO helps establish a bridge between domestic students and international students. It’s definitely the most diverse clubs on campus in terms of nationality, but it’s also one of the most united ones because of its inclusiveness, open-mindedness, and friendliness.

Board Members

Huijing Huang


Yuzu Ikeue


Hyerin Emma Lee

Social Media Chair

Carol Ma

Vice President

Eva Wang

Programming Chair

Manjun Hao